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Samsung - best 'Find Your Friends" locator equivalent app ?

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I've used on the iPhone the 'Find Your Friends' locator app and it is really seamless, in that in only one or at most two clicks I can seem on same opened app screen the locations of my children and spouse. All they had to do was load app and accept once and their location is always available.

Well, I tried to use 'Trusted Contacts / Google Maps" on the N8 and seems more cumbersome. Their location seems to shut off every a few hours or after app closed for awhile so I have to send them an alert and then they accept and then I need to go to google maps from trusted contacts maybe. Anyway, it is not a one-stop easy deal. (my spouse said it was draining her phone battery but that is not confirmed as spouse's word often needs to be confirmed, lol).

Anyway, any simple (&free) way to do this??

I would need the app to be compatible across N8 to the family iPhones.
Date: Oct 8, 2017    Labels: Samsung


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