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Samsung - SO ANGRY...Samsung Customer Service FAIL!

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I received the email from Samsung as a former Note 7 owner for the Note 8 promotion. I ordered my new Note 8 and the two free gifts using the promotion. I was sent a phone with the wrong carrier. I contemplated sending just the phone back to exchange for a Note 8 with the correct carrier, but figured that would be too much f*ckery for Samsung to actually get it right. I sent back the phone and the free gifts in the original box using the shipping label they sent me via email.

They took so long to process the return and my refund, that in the meantime, the promotion ended.

They received all the items I sent them in a timely fashion, just a couple days per the tracking number. After I knew they received the items, I called them and asked them to reinstate my eligibility for the promotion so that I could purchase the correct Note 8. Of course, they were unable to do that, so the waiting game began. I called every few days to see if they could reinstate my eligibility, which of course they said they could not. They said it would take 10 to 14 days to reinstate my eligibility and issue the refund. FYI, I did not need the refund to purchase a new Note 8. I waited the full 14 days and still did not receive a refund. I also did not get my eligibility reinstated. It's been over a month now and yesterday I was finally able to order the Note 8 but, they only allowed $300 trade in for my S7 Edge versus the $425 trade in with the promotion. The customer service representative said that after I ordered my phone, I could call back with my order number and get a refund issued for the difference immediately. Well, of course, they said they were unable to do that and had to escalate my situation and that a manager would email me shortly. Over 24 hours later I still do not have an email from a manager. I was also told that I would be able to order my two free gifts, but that that would take up to 15 days before I could do so. As you can see. I'm still in the thick of this customer service nightmare with Samsung. I should also mention that I have talked to them on the phone over 28 times because half of those times I could not understand the person on the other end due to their thick accent. Not sure where the phone raps are located, but I could not understand them at all. This has been by far, the absolute worst customer service experience of any kind I have ever experienced in my entire life. I'm completely dissatisfied with Samsung's handling of my situation and it has completely ruined my excitement over getting a new Note 8, especially after all the Note 7 nightmare.
Date: Oct 9, 2017    Labels: Samsung


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