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Samsung - Verizon Note 8 international LTE compatibility

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I was disappointed to find out that the Verizon version at least has no LTE compatibility in certain countries I may travel too--not even Canada. I checked Greece, Italy, Canada, Mexico and Iceland. It does have 3G compatibility -- which is a downgrade when using Google Maps and using your phone to guide you.

The Verizon support rep sent me to (you have to have an account to check apparently).

I didn't check before I bought the phone, so my bad but I just assumed that Samsung's flagship would work with LTE in at least some countries. Most other android phones also weren't compatible--though oddly enough the S7 and S6 had full LTE service in those places. Does anyone know why Samsung does this?

Has anyone traveled internationally with the Verizon version and *did* get LTE service?
Date: Oct 9, 2017    Labels: Samsung


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