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Samsung - Few things I don't like..

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 - Android Forums at -
Hi, have note 8 which I love to the bits.. but there a few things that I hate about it, only minor but still..

Emoji, they are horible to me, is there anyway to have iphone like emojis???

Next, if you see in the pic, after every call this screen pops out, is there anyway to disable that?

Next, keyboard, iphone were much better in terms, more clever in sugesting words and if a word was written wrong on iphone, red line bellow used to stay until I send it, is there anyway to instal that kind? As I type quick and send, if I see no red lines bellow, sometimes I send with mistakes which I havent seen at first.

Thanks for the help
Date: Oct 13, 2017    Labels: Samsung


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