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Venue 8 Pro Synaptics screen/stylus firmware update issues

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Dell released an urgent firmware update early this morning. Let's use this thread to document issues, resolved or not, or new.

For me, firmware update reversed the two button functions. Before button nearest tip was "erase" and other button was second click/lasso. Now it's the other way around and second click/lasso is now the button nearest the tip.

Writing seems marginally improved and I still get curled tails. But it doesn't seem as extreme and the pen response to initial contact seems improved.


Hovering still doesn't work. Random clicks actually are worse now. Before I just got clicks, now it's to the point of it doing a "click and hold" so my stylus now draws selection boxes when I get near the screen.

Also, hovering still has no cursor on screen as with N-Trig and Wacom.

"Erase" button still doesn't work properly in OneNote. "Erase" does the opposite and actually inks. Not only does it ink, but it inks while hovering without contact on screen.

So far this is very dissappointing and it looks like I will be returning my Venue 8 Pro and won't recommend the Venue 11 Pro to anyone since it uses the same stylus tech. Dell messed up. This should have used N-Trig or Wacom and charged a little more.
Date: Nov 18, 2013   

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