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Hi Guys,

I really like this forum, and after reading few of your posts I've decided to contribute a little as well. Not long ago I got interested in this small tablet, and after doing some research I've decided to buy one. My only concern was Vista running on it, and unfortunately I was right. The processor, video card and system itself is to weak to handle vista in a comfortable way. We can argue at this point but vista is a true resource hog. Being an IT technician myself I just had to have a reliable and fast working system. There was just one option - XP

( Actually I tried to install MAC OS on it, but it failed).

It's not easy to make this baby work on XP. After you install the system, it lacks 80% of drivers, and of course they are not available since HP is compliant with MS and removed them from their site ( as well as Nvidia). But little research and some downloads left me with a package of 400MB+ with around 18 files for most of the devices. The only thing that doesn't work for me are those 4 buttons. You can live with that since the only button I've used on vista was rotation and settings( you can still have it with software.

The reason for my post is to share my experience. Vista was slow - ridiculously slow. Instalation of Age of Empire 3 lasted for 35 minutes, and main screen showed one core processor, with 64mb of video memory. The game itself was extremely slow and low-res. On XP everything is smooth and reliable and first of all extremely fast. No more waiting for Itunes to open 10 seconds. Boot time is half of the time vista took to boot. People claim that handwriting recognition is far worse. Can't agree - it recognizes everything as well as vista.

I'm not here to make you downgrade. I'm just wondering what makes people keep vista, while XP is really the system to keep this tiny laptop reliable. For me vista is done, unless I get an uber-computer. If anybody have any questions about the install feel free to ask.

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Date: Nov 14, 2016    Labels: HP

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