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HP - Hp2760p Audio / music VS Hp2740p music listening experience.

HP Elitebook Forum -

Here is the issue.

I had Fujitsu T5010 as my main working machine and i used to listen to music while working and it was a great sounding machine. (there was no damping on bass-heavy notes and perfect clarity on other frequencies)

since it was Core 2 Duo machine.

So i got Hp2740p.

while working and listening to music I felt the sound coming out of hp2740p was weaker than T5010. in fact, it was better some days and weaker on other.

so I used to keep both machines with me while working. main work on Hp2740p and music on T5010.

then I don't remember what i did (installing and reinstalling audio drivers, installing and trying other audio enhancing tools such as DFX audio)...end result...

The music listening experience on the Hp2740p became Great! now i could retire old T5010 for good.

now i was using only one machine to work and listen to music and it was fantastic.

Then due to some issues with Hp2740p, i Bought HP2760p.

I installed windows 8.1 and 10 on the hp2760p and got everything I needed working on both OS (wacom and touch)


whatever i did, i was not able to make it sound right. sometimes the sound comes out totally feeble (fixed it by changing 16bit and 24bit and back and forth)

but even when it was working ok it was not OK.

I copied same music files to both machines (hp2740p and hp2760p). same music player used.

same headphones. and hp2760p remain audibly WEAKER! (overall music experience comparably weak)

Does any of you guys able to fix the audio driver to make it sound right.

currently, it is very hard to watch movies or youtube videos without headphones using laptop speakers.

and with headphones, the BASS or ambient sound is so weak that it feels pathetic.

Need help windows 10.

Date: Mar 8, 2017    Labels: HP


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