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HP - WARNING! Spectre X360 15.6 NTrig Problem - Touch Input Delays for 2 Seconds after Using the Pen

HP TouchSmart TM2 Forum -
If you are considering buying the 2017 Edition of Spectre X360 15.6 for pen feature, hold your horse and read on!

I got my Spectre X360 15.6 2017 edition few days ago and immediately notice this very annoying issue. In short, the touch function is disabled for about 2 seconds after using the pen, which means everytime when you finish writing something with the pen, you have to wait for about 2 seconds before the touch screen responds to your finger input.

This is really annoying, it slows down my workflow dramatically. And I have never experienced this kind of issue before on any other devices using NTrig digitizer, and I have used a lot NTrig devices (Fujistu 550, HTC Flyer, Sony Vaio Duos, Vaio Flips, Microsoft Surfaces). But I did noticed similar issues on some Wacom AES devices like the Thinkpad Yoga 14. I do remember HP mentioned somewhere that the pen uses Universal Windows Pen protocol, Is this part of the new protocol?

Besides the touch delay, I also experienced the usual Ntrig phantom clicks and the left cooling fan has been making clicking noises every time it comes on. I do like this device a lot, and are willing live with the minor issues, but the touch delay is a deal breaker for me, I would hate to send it back to HP.

Date: Mar 24, 2017    Labels: HP

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