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How do you charge your Helix batteries

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Hi all,

Since one cannot change the batteries for Helix, I think I should take care of them really well. I used to have a Thinkpad T400 and I set the charging threshold at 30% so that it wouldn't start charging until below 30%. By doing that my T400 battery is still in very good condition after 3 years' use.

I tried to do the same to Helix, but found it not that simple with two batteries. I set 25% for the dock and 20% for the tablet. However it doesn't work very well. First the dock always charge the tablet when connected, even when the tablet is power-off. So one day I had the dock 100% charged and the tablet below 20%. I thought AC would charge the tablet to 100% with the dock unused, however the dock started to charge the tablet before I got to my workplace and plugged in. And after I did plug in, the tablet already had 35% and stopped being charged. Instead, the dock was being charged by AC.

So how do you charge your Helix in order to maximize the lifespan of the batteries? I considered using the Battery Health Mode, but I don't quite get how it works. I think in this mode the batteries are always charged/discharged at around 50%, which I don't think is a good mode for batteries. Anyone has any idea? Thank you!
Date: Jun 8, 2013   

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