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Samsung - Samsung Notebook 9 Pro & Wacom Intuos 4 Problem

Samsung Tablet Forum -
I just installed my Wacom Intuos 4 into my Notebook 9 Pro and I'm running into a few issues.

When the tablet is intially plugged in, the mouse and feedback is very good. I can easily draw on Photoshop and I run into zero problems. But when I plug it out however... the mousepad stops working. The touchpad stops working too. Plugging the tablet back to its original USB port, the light on the tablet doesn't even show up. Nothing that concerns the mouse works... It's making me a bit iffy since I got this laptop for a pricey amount and I really love it so far.... I've tried Googling to see why the mousepad and touch pad isn't working after the tablet is plugged out but I got zero successes... I've tried reinstalling the tablet's driver, but zero successes also...

So I'm wondering.... Does anyone know what's going on? Can someone please help me?

PS The laptop comes with a pen itself but I don't use it since it's a bit annoying to switch it to tablet mode.

Also: it's running on WINDOWS10.

Alsox2: I know wacom is known for their crappy drivers....

Alsox3: Everything this whole shebang happens I have to force restart my laptop and I just feel so bad for abusing it like this....

Date: Oct 8, 2017    Labels: Samsung


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