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Android app on windows tab?

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I have a question about app compatibility of a mobile add on application we are using. Our company is running a QMS software named Unipoint for tracking our work process. It's a recently implemented system and everything is going well.

There is a mobile add on named Unipoint Mobile for the app to use it in tablet PCs and smart phones. To make maximum advantage of this, our company has provided all the supervisors and office employees with tablet PCs to keep track of the progress even on the go. Some of the tablets provided are android and some are windows. No iPads, so no iOS. The problem is that this particular mobile addon works in android devices flawlessly and it says iOS is also well supported. But there is no windows compatible version of the app. We have contacted customer support and got a response that they are working on a windows compatible app.

So my question is this, for time until an official app is developed by the company, is there a way we can run the android version of this app on a windows tablet? A temporary solution may be good enough for now. Is it possible or should we replace all those windows tablets with android? I hope someone could help me with a valuable suggestion.

Date: Apr 20, 2017   

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