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Sony, SonyEricsson - Canvas Z onscreen keys with Photoshop CC not working

Sony Tablet Forum -
I have set up ctrl and alt and shift and spacebar keys in the on screen keys that appear when you click the left button on the top of the canvas. When I am in PS CC, using the clone tool, and press the alt key in the onscreen keys, I get the target cursor for setting the clone point and I click on the spot with my stylus. But then when I start to use the clone tool, it says no point was selected, use alt click.

Likewise, when I press on the spacebar key in the onscreen list, I get the hand cursor, but I can't move the photo around with the stylus.

I also tried setting up the pencil board to cover the PS CC area, but the soft keys still don't work with the stylus.

Any soft key I have set up that does an action that doesn't need the stylus works fine, like zooming in or changing brush size, so I know the soft keys work.

Does anyone know how to get this to work, using a soft key with the stylus in PS CC?

Date: May 17, 2017    Labels: Sony SonyEricsson

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