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Toshiba - Toshiba Support is THE WORST

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I think it's fairly safe to say that after this debacle with Toshiba that my next device will be a Surface. I don't plan to EVER purchase another device from Toshiba.

last January I purchased a Toshiba WT310-106 OR Portege Z10T while I was living in the UK, for which I purchased a 4 year international warranty. I noticed that i was having issues with the touchscreen, where occasionally I would have issues with the screen moving around when i rested my hand on the screen to write.

Though i've used tablet pc's for a long time, it was my first time using the capacitive touchscreens having used resistive touchscreens previously, and i chalked it up to a learning curve and deactivation of the touchscreen by the pen, and me not being used to the distance Toshiba used.


Fast forward a few months later where i realize that the problem was getting worse, the device was having "phantom touches", where nothing was touching the device, but the screen was still registering touch, buttons being selected, windows opening, fingerprint trails and spot in Windows 10. It could also mean the screen moving around while i try to write, stray pen marks etc.

Unconcerned, since i had an international warranty, it was when i set down to do some serious tablet work, that it was becoming unusable and I decided to take it in for repair.

The first authorized international service center I interacted with was Intcomex in Jamaica. When they tried to check the warranty, all they could see on the device was the standard one year international warranty. I called up Toshiba UK from whom I purchased the warranty, they confirmed that the device did in fact have a 4 year international warranty. While on the call with Toshiba UK, the 4 year warranty THEN miraculously showed up on the service providers computers.

They accepted the device for evaluation and repair. While handing in the device the intake person observed the "fantom touches" and noted it.

Fast forward about 2 weeks, having heard nothing from the service center I decided to check on the status of the device. I was told they were unable to reproduce the error and could not go any further with the repair. However they would keep it a few more days to see if they could reproduce the error. I also offered to email video documentation I had of the error, if it would help.

They called back a few days later to inform me that they still could not reproduce the error. I was travelling to the US, and hoped to have better luck there. Spoke with an authorized service center who based on the serial number/warranty details felt they should be able to repair the device.

I went to collect the device from Intcomex, and was informed that even if they could reproduce the error, they had tried to order parts for the device and were unable to order parts from their system.

While taking back possession of the device, the error was then reproduced in the technicians presence. They noted the touch panel needs to be replaced, but they were unable to order any parts.

Arrived in the US, handed in the device at the authorized service center, called a week later to find out the status, and was informed that they were unable to repair the device, despite the international warranty, because they were unable to order parts or even get access to the service manual. That they had contacted Toshiba, had not received any response from them, and that the device would likely have to be returned to the UK for repair.

Called Toshiba support, unfortunately during a storm, there were intermittent outages on my land line, internet went down etc. Got interrupted on the call twice, and despite them confirming my mobile number no agent returned the call, when disconnected, and I had to go through the whole saga a total of THREE times. Once for each disconnected call, once with the final call, and once again with the case manager to which i was assigned. The first CSR had been in the process of taking my shipping information and was going to elevate the call to a specialized unit (which i forget the name of) Subsequent CSR's were clueless to that and I had to start from scratch.

The case manager i eventually spoke with Giselle, promised to return my call by the end of the day on Friday (8PM) (call was initiated around Midday) or on Monday (today)

Midday Monday i received a call from the International Service Center, that they are unable to order parts, that I need to come and collect my device, it has to be returned to the UK for service.

I called Toshiba Support to inform them of the Service Centers position, spoke with a CSR and was then elevated again to Giselle who is still working on the case. I am to be updated at 6 PM today.

Bear in mind despite all of this that Toshiba USA did sell the Portege Z10T and I paid for an International Warranty.

I have been in contact with Toshiba UK frequently during the course of this ordeal, and they don't understand why none of the International Service Centers are unable to honor the international warranty service.

Update 6:34 and call from the Case Manager...

Date: Jun 14, 2016    Labels: Toshiba

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