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Sharp - SHARP Electronic Memo Pad Advice?

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Hi everyone, I recently found out about Sharp's line of electronic memo pads. It basically what I am looking for but the thing is that the resolution looks low and I am afraid it won't be visible if I wanted to look at my notes when outside. Also I don't like the fact that I can't download a PDF file from my Macbook Pro onto it. I have digital textbooks and it would be great if I could some how get them on it. If there's anyway to get my digital textbooks on it please let me know! Also with the resolution would a clip on book light help with that, especially if I were to use it outside sometimes?

Overall these are my concerns and I would like some advice on the Wg-S20, Wg-N20, Wg-N10, and the upcoming Wg-S30. What are the differences between them if you know them and which would you recommend?


Date: Feb 13, 2016    Labels: Sharp

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