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HP - Just bought a HP 360x Spectere... probably returning it.

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My Fujitsu T904 had been giving me problems and I heard about the HP. I went to Best Buy and got the open box item. Now as a computer it is nice, big screen. It's the Pen that's causing me to want to return it.

I'm not sure if it's N-Trig, or just this computer. Keep in mind I'm used to Wacom EMR. Here are the issues I've had:

- Major lag, even on small brushes.

- if you go slow, there's a wobble in the line

- when you finish a line there's a quick drop-off so it looks like a triangle

- it doesn't always start drawing when I start... it takes a little bit.

- you need to apply more pressure to get a line.

I'm so bummed. I'm also bummed because you can't really test these computers anywhere. So My question is. What next? Are all N-Trig PCs like this? Does the Surface family have these issues? What else would you recommend? It looks like computers are moving away from EMR. I'm guessing the Wacom Studio will be better.

Any suggestions or tips would be great. should I return the HP or can I fix it?

Date: Apr 15, 2017    Labels: HP

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