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Kyocera - Kyocera Hydro Icon NO SIM error

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I recently activated a Kyocera Hydro Icon on Boost mobile. The provisioning finished after successfully downloading all firmware, profile and PRL settings.

I keep getting a recurring "SIM card is now locked, please power cycle phone and try again" dialogue box. The ICCID number in settings becomes blank, and self service activation keeps opening up with a blank page, yet the phone still works and has a 3G connection.

Upon resetting the phone, the ICCID number shows back up in settings and after 30 minutes it locks up again.

I have already:

Factory reset phone twice.

Updated PRL and phone profile settings.

Reset phone connection settings with ##72786#

Removed/cleaned/reinstalled LTE card

Did everything boostZone said to do.

Still have a card that keeps locking up, no LTE. I live in area with LTE+enhanced LTE coverage according to the map.

Am I missing something somewhere? The phone is brand new OTB.

Date: May 14, 2016    Labels: Kyocera


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