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HTC - Earphones not detected by HTC one M8 phones although both working fine

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I'm having HTC one M8 (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) and a skull candy earphones which was working fine since long time, suddenly phone stopped detecting the earphones although two facts :

1) Earphones is working fine with all other devices (Laptop , other phones)

2) Phone is detecting all kind of headset and earphones

so the earphones and the phone are ok and working fine except with each other ?!!!!!

Is there any solution for this issue ?

hint: after searching some people advised to install soundabout app from store and it actually fixed but i must configure the media audio to wired headset (with mic) but not working with calls ?!!!

Of course i don't want to go with this solution (Using app to use earphones !!!!)

I need root cause of it and solution please if anyone knows

Date: Apr 17, 2017    Labels: HTC


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