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Iconia A500 displaying dead robot on boot.

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I have an Acer Iconia A500 which just randomly stopped booting, and now shows a dead Android Bot with a red exclamation point over it's chest. From what I've been able to dig up, it's a firmware issue. I tried going to the Acer download page and tried installing each of the 4 files they have for ICS 4.0, but it won't take them. The process I'm using is to copy the files to a micro SD card, and rename the file, then put it into the tablet and restart it while holding the Vol Up. It displays text in the upper left of the screen indicating it's reading the card, but then flips back to the dead robot. I've tried all the files they have available, but the website is pretty much junk as far as describing which files are which. Anybody ever run across this and maybe have a solution?

Date: Apr 21, 2017   


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