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The Importance of Anti-Viral Protection, Device Managers and Location...

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So not a month goes by at my place of business, a hotel, in which some guest hasn't lost his or her cellphone either in the hotel, a cab, an Uber or somewhere else. This evening our latest unlucky guest left his in an Uber. Unfortunately while we've been desperately calling it and the likelihood of him actually getting it back any time soon (if at all) is low at best...

So the moral of this post is to either know about and use either the Android Device Manager, an anti-viral protection program with tracking ability or some other lone tracking program. In this instance the guest knew he had an Android but didn't know much more about it let alone the ability to use the ADM to track it. So giving him a little help I was able to tell him where it is but no word yet on whether or not the Uber driver will answer any attempt to make it ring or send it a message. His device is also on silent at the moment which I'm sure doesn't help matters.

I use McAfee myself in addition to the Android Device Manager. Because his situation got me thinking I looked up my phone, made sure my out going message was updated and that I could track my device and set it off if necessary. McAfee located my device to within the building I'm in. I also set my device to silence and set it off using McAfee and sure enough it still rang displaying my outgoing security message.

But think ahead, and if you need help setting up a line of defense then don't hesitate to ask someone more knowledgeable than you. Taking the ten minutes it took me to double check my location and message settings this evening has the potential to save me a world of hurt later... I hope for the best for my hotel guest...

Date: Apr 21, 2017   


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