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HTC - Navigation bar auto hide stopped. HTC M8

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On my HTC One M8, Android 6.0, the navigation bar would automatically hide in games, browser, everywhere but in the home screen. I didn't install anything to make it do this, it's just been that way as long as I can remember.

It would move out if the way if I tapped anywhere on the screen, and reappear if I swiped inward across where the bar would be.

After powering the phone down due to very low battery level, the auto hide stopped working. I can still hide it manually though.

I've searched, but can't find any info on turning this feature back on without adding an app, which I don't want to do if it's a built-in feature that I just need to re-enable.

Any thoughts on how to get the auto-hide feature turned on again?

Date: Apr 12, 2017    Labels: HTC


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