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Android Support Reposity includeable in Eclipse Neon?

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for certain compatibility reasons, I have to use Eclipse Neon for Android Development to develop an android app. Therefore I also have to use the newest Android SDK so I can implement some newest features.

Now, I am facing the problem that I cannot compile any Android app with Eclipse, because I get errors like

The import cannot be resolved

ActionBarActivity cannot be resolved to a type

Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name "ThemeAppCompat. …"

upon building. As I found out, this is because Eclipse is missing the "Android support library" (android support library.jar ?) in the sdk folder. The reason for this is, as I found out, that this library is obsolete and has been replaced by the "Android support repository". It has not been installed by the Android SDK manager and cannot be installed anymore, but Eclipse still needs it apparently.

I searched a lot for a solution for this but all answers I could find was "Swtich to Android Studio"… Unfortunately, there is no way around using Eclipse for me. Is there any known way to include the support repository and make eclipse use it? I found this site

and thought, maybe I can follow these steps to make my app to a and then include the stuff from the repository and get my stuff to work, but unfortunately I could not find a way to realize this.

I changed the related section in the file to this:

dependencies {

compile ''


but could not get the app being built.

Is there any known solution for this? I actually cannot imagine that I am the only one trying to develop an Android App with the new support repository file these days. Should I maybe manually insert the obsolete (but newest) android support library.jar file from an older IDE? Could this work?

Thank you many times for your help.

Date: Apr 21, 2017   


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