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Enable adoptable Storage Zenpad Z380M

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Great little tablet, but the storage is limited to whats left from the 16GB of inbuilt storage... Yes you can put an SD card into it, but not only have ASUS not enabled Adoptable storage, there isn't an option to use it for anything apart from media and photos.

Its isn't the end however, you can Enable adoptable storage without rooting the device... and its quick (and painless to do so).

Before you start, make sure you don't have anything saved on your sd card that you don't have backed up... its going to get formatted... so back up now.

Also you're going to need ADB drivers on your machine... if you have fantastic, skip onto the next step, if you don't then I used the quick and easy tool from this thread.

1. Enable the "Developer Option" on your Z380M to do this Turn on the hidden developer options android marshmallow 6.0, Google Nexus 6, 6p, 5, 5x, mobile android devices. Go to settings menu, and scroll down to about phone. Tap about phone. Scroll down to the bottom again, to the build number. Tap it 7 times or so. Congratulations you're a developer If you want to see someone do this,

2. Enable "USB Diagnostic" in the Developer Option and connect Z380M to a PC via USB

3. From command prompt of your PC, enter the following two commands (without the quotation mark):

"adb shell"

"sm set-force-adoptable true"

5. Go into Z380M's Settings-Storage and USB, select the SD card. The menu option (in the upper right corner) should now give you a choice to "format as internal storage"

6. You might get an error message when formatting is complete. Just reboot your Z380M and ignore the error message.

7. After reboot, go back to the same menu option in step #5. This time, select "Migrate Data" instead of formatting.

So far, its working for me, although I am getting a performance hit in the device, I'm blaming the old SD card that I've had on the shelf for a while..... class 6 apparently.... Have ordered a faster UHSII one and will see if that speeds things up.

Date: Apr 21, 2017   


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