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LG - LG G4 update notification not going away.

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Hello, I recently updated my phone. As in yesterday. At 4 PM. Right now is 3 am, day after.

However, after I updated my phone, I had this pop up. I must've... clicked away or something, but the pop up left my screen so fast I couldn't even comprehend what it was. Or did anything pop up at all? It was that fast!

Anyways, after the "pop-up" left me, and I had a notification. The update installation notification.

It's small image is purple, with a download symbol. I think, at least. It says "System update download" as the 'title', and under at the subtitle(?), says "Tap to learn more and install"

And of course I did that. I would not be making this post if I did otherwise.

And you know the google loading screen? Where part of the screen is blue, and the other white, while there's a slim yellow loading bar in the middle, loading? Well, IT WON'T STOP DOING THAT.

I had to make an account specifically for this problem!

Please, someone help if you can. Thank you.

P.S: Forgot to add that I am on WiFi, and I tried it at 100%, plugged in. I am not rooted. I think.

Date: Oct 1, 2017    Labels: LG


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