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HP - Installing android on my HP slate 2

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I have a issue I've been at for quite sometime I am the not so proud owner of A HP Slate 2 tablet PC for those not familiar with, it is a ATOM based (oak trail) 1.5ghz 9" tablet 2gb RAM with a 64gb SSD Qriginaly outfitted with windows 7, I have tried and succesfully installed numerous OS's linux variants ie. UBUNTO, KUBUNTO, XUBUNTO and Elementary OS to this device however the only tablet friendly of the bunch being Ubunto 13.10 and 14.04 however these Distros seem to bog down this tablet even more so than windows. Currently I've found my best option of the choices to be windows 8.1 which runs a little sluggish. For years now I have been unsucessfully trying to get android installed on this device with little to no luck. The closest I have come was an android x86 project kitkat 4.4.4 RC2 which when run live supports all my hardware (amazingly) and seems to be fully functional however when I attempt to install this is the problem, that seems to be completely unanswerable on the many forums I have posted. If you're familiar with the android x86 project you understand what I'm saying ..... I boot from USB with kitkat 4.4.2 RC2 1st menu screen appears asking me for several live options I am able to cycle through the choices with the volume up/down buttons and select with the enter key or with USB keyboard attached I can use it arrow up/arrow down and enter, if I chose live it loads up and functions well with hardware supported if I chose install a menu comes up with the chose/create partition however none of the external keys on tablet function exept the back or escape button which merely causes a reboot. Also if I attached a USB keyboard it will not allow me to select any of the options either. On the create/partition menu all partions I have or have created appear and attached USB devices appear however I can not make any selctions. I have been able to install this on several other devices (same .iso) I feel that if the live USB option supports my hardware then there should be a way to make this install happen. Any input on this quite apreciated I am no guru however I am a novice user of both windows and linux operating systems. Thanks in advance for your help
Date: May 13, 2017    Labels: HP

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