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LG - Hotspot keeps disconnecting

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Due to lack of WiFi option in my household (in this day and age!), I am forced to hotspot my mobile connection from my G3 to whatever I am using; from working with laptop to gaming/netflixin on Ps4.

Now the hotspot has been acting up: first it disconnected every time i used the phone at the same time. Even just turning up the screen to see the notifications was enough. But now it does not even keep up the connection with the phone left untouched.

On the phone's side everything seems ok - the hotspot stays ON always, but the connected devices just drop from 1 to 0, meaning i've disconnected. I can connect back almost immediately but the damage is already done.

I have removed the battery and cards, as well as rebooted a dosen times and even factory resetted. Nothing. I think it is a hardware issue, as the G3 is already 3-4 years old. Any ideas?

ps. the mobile web on the phone works like a charm.
Date: Sep 27, 2017    Labels: LG

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