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Can't go past the "Verifying your account"

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Hi there,

After the advice of John on this thread

I finally got passed the boot loop after another attempt. I am travelling in China and this country is so beautiful that I could not stand living without a camera. So I simply tried again and it worked. (I have a software VPN that helps to reach the Google servers).

So I have setup a hosted network on my Windows 10 device with the VPN on it and went ahead with the install.

It went all fine (a bit longer as the packets have to transit via San Fransico hardware VPN hosted by VPN Express) however once I'm on the "Verifying your account" page, I enter my email and it grays out in the wait of completion but it rolls and rolls, it never ends.

I have searched on Google search engine about documentation to fix that quick and I ended in an ocean of people running around like headless chickens, sake oil dealers etc etc. So what's all these hurdles about this FPR thing???

I am scared.

I am in china and my phone helps me to get around.

It's now a useless paper weight.

What if I end up in a trap because I asked some people for my way and I get hurt? Am I allowed to blame the new fancy "security" policies?

PLEASE HELP ME FAST - I NEED URGENT ASSISTANCE - I will be refreshing my email every 30mns from now.
Date: Aug 13, 2017   


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