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Samsung - Samsung S5 Neo. Wi-Fi fails to turn on.

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So, recently I've had a problem where my Wi-Fi never turns on, I can hit a variety of different buttons to start the wifi, but for the last week it just won't turn on, no matter what I try.

I've tried the classic, give it a few whacks, restarted several times, removed the battery and pressed the power button with it out a few times, removed sim card and SD card, restarted with both out, tried with both in. Reset to factory settings ,reset network connections. Nothings worked so far.

Whats my options here? I'm on the grounds to just go and switch my phone out with a new one.

I recently got made to switch carriers after my original carrier was bought out by another company. So I'm sure I could go in and make a complaint that I never signed a contract with my new carrier and make them cancel it in trade for a new one. But that'll be last resort.

I have unlimited data, so I don't /need/ wifi, but once it gets throttled it'll be stupid slow.
Date: Oct 9, 2017    Labels: Samsung

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