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Unable to make calls on LTE connection

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So I recently got a Blu Life Max and purchased a sim card from Red Pocket mobile and am having some problems making calls when connected to LTE. I used their recommended APN settings and data and sms/mms work great, but when I go to make a call it says it is dialing, but never rings, and the call timer never starts. I called customer service and they reset some stuff on their end, but that did not change anything. This is my first sim card phone - my current carrier is Republic Wireless which is a Sprint based MVNO - so I don't have another phone to try the sim in, so support concluded that it must be the phone.

I was running some errands in a different area of town then where I live so I decided to bring the phone and try it, and this time it worked (although it did say it was dialing for longer than most phones I have used). The only difference I could see was that the connection did not say it was on LTE. I don't know what the connection was - it just said that it had full reception, but there was no indicator like LTE or 3G or anything beside it.

In settings I have the option to chose the preferred connection and when I choose 2G/3G/4G or any setting other than 2G/3G/4G/4GLTE it says I have no service. Do LTE towers not support voice calls?

I also have an option to enable "Enhanced 4G LTE Mode". I googled this and it looks like this should enable Voice over LTE (VoLTE), but it does not make a difference if this is on or off.

Should I return the phone?
Date: Apr 21, 2017   


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