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HP, Palm - Providing World wide skimmed dumps track1&2 best valid rate

HP/Palm -
Providing World wide skimmed dumps track1&2 best valid rate

||Hello My Dear Customers.||

ICQ :683579731

We're glad to offer you the best dump selling service - Last Carding Service. We're working at the black markert since 2009. Our main mission and goal is to make a profit together with you! So we're selling high-percent valid dumps skimmed by LCS team.

The main advantages of using our service:

- High-percent approval. Latest bases (tr2, tr1+tr2) a

- We're selling only to one hands - that's why all dumps that we've sold to you will stay only with you.

- We have: USA dumps, Canada dumps, Europe dumps(France dumps, UK dumps, Germany dumps etc), Asia dummps, Oceania dumps, Latin America dumps.

- We send orders in 5 minutes - 12 hours (depends on a time when we'll recieve payment information etc.)


{Here are all my rules . All who follow that will enjoy my service.}

{New customers are always welcome to try my service!}



||High valid rate 95% valid.

||Daily update.

||Lowest price.

||I'm not resellers like somebody else.

||Am not checking dumps before u ask, Am very very sure in quality of

my dumps and you?ll become my regular customer are

i will add some bonus in any purchase.


||Dumps checking by ask customer.

||I dont replace checked dumps, unchecked dumps i can replace but only

in 24 hours.

||replayce always will be checked!!!

||If u cheat me for replacements.I will put you ignore list!!!

*Order Rules*

||Give me bin u need in all same 1 line message and i'll ansswer u to

pay total.

*Online Rules*

||AM online 24hours and i service all in best way i can.

Before any holiday will let every1 know before taking holiday

*Delivery Rules*

||Instantly delivery.

==>IMPORTANT: When Sending Money with wrong Description, You Will Recieve Moneyback Immediately.

When I do good, I Feel Good.. When I do Bad.. I Feel Bad And That Is My Religion

*All prices and countries contact on ICQ*

||Contact me +233503169466


Date: Oct 20, 2015    Labels: HP Palm

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