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Sprint SIM needed for Moto G4 Play

General Prepaid discussion -
Does anyone know if the Sprint universal 3-in-1 SIM will work with the Moto G4 Play (retail, unlocked XT1607)?

It's not on this list from Sprint (expand "How do I know if my device is eligible?" to see the list), but it is listed for the Z1 SIM from Ting, which seems to be the same as the Sprint universal 3-in-1 SIM.

Sprint shows the SIM as part # SIMOLW506C and Ting shows part # SIMOLW506TC.

Ting also has the SIMs listed on this page and you can also see which SIM to use on Ting by going here and selecting "Motorola" and "Moto G4 Play".
Date: Apr 21, 2017   


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