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Getting "new" G900V for Tracfone (CDMA) - what do I need to know about about locking?

Tracfone/Net10 -
I want to buy a G900V (probably on Swappa) and activate it on Tracfone (for CDMA 4G-LTE on Verizon network).

I know the G900V is unlocked for GSM, but what about CDMA/Verizon? What do I need to know about locking?

Or should I just pay the extra 100 bucks for the S902L direct from Tracfone? The downside is I'm sure that the phone would be locked to Tracfone.

I prefer the G900V version in case I ever decide to activate on a GSM network, or travel out of the US.
Date: Apr 21, 2017   


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