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LG - Problems/questions about new LG 800G

Tracfone/Net10 -
I just bought an LG 800G to use on Tracfone. I'm having some frustrating problems:

1) As soon as I dial a number, or answer a call, the keypad locks, despite the fact that under Settings/Phone/Auto-Lock, I have it set to "Never". Also, once a call is dialed or received, the phone automatically switches to an "outgoing call" page. I would prefer it to stay on "Keypad", and NOT lock. This seems like a really stupid design flaw, with so many numbers requiring you to "Enter one for... enter 2 for... " etc.

2) When making or receiving a call, even after I "unlock" the phone and go to the keypad, the number I am connected to does not respond to/seem to "hear" anything I enter into the keypad. In other words, when it says "Press one for... " and I do that, it just continues "press two for... " and so on, it's as though it has not received my numerical entry. This has occurred on several different numbers. This is a major problem, which renders most any number outside of personal phones unusable.

I think this is a lot of phone for the $$$, but the above is getting me close to tossing the thing against the wall. Any suggestions (other than "anger management classes... " )

I should add that I attempted to reset the phone (Settings/Phone/Reset settings) thinking this might at least address the issue of the other caller not getting my keypad inputs, but when I do this it asks for a "security code", and I have no idea what the *&^%$ they're referring to. Nothing in the "services guide" booklet which came aith the phone, nor in the LG manual for the phone which is downloadable. Is there ANY comprehensive manual available for this phone???? These 2 are pretty worthless.


Date: Jan 5, 2013    Labels: LG

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