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LG - Opera Mini 7.1 for LG 840G not working anymore...

Tracfone/Net10 -

I installed Opera Mini 7.1 a month ago on my LG 840G. Everything was working fine, but for the past 1 hour, Opera Mini 7.1

keeps saying "Connection failed". The Settings->Advanced->Network Test page says "You have a working network connection." I did not make any changes to any permission settings, etc... I powered off my phone and turned it back on. Opera Mini 7.1 still gives "Connection failed". I even uninstalled and reinstalled Opera Mini 7.1, but i still get "Connection failed".

The default phone browser works fine and can access the same websites that Opera Mini 7.1 cannot.

What could be the problem?


Date: Jan 20, 2013    Labels: LG

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