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Net10 Data Issues Still Occuring?

Tracfone/Net10 -
I am planning to switch from ATT postpaid soon to either Straight Talk or Net10. I already have an unused ST microsim but now I am thinking that Net10 would be a better choice (with taxes and fees charged at or Straight the ST service actually would end up costing more than buying Net10 service at To that end, I am wondering if anyone is still experiencing data issues on Net10. I know there was a thread last month about it. I am not a heavy data user at all. On my current 3 gb tiered data plan I average between 200-300 mb per month since I rely heavily on Wifi. However for those few times when I want to check my email on the go or quickly browse a web page I would like to know that the service is fast enough to do so.

Can anyone elaborate on if the data is still a problem with Net10?

I have heard ST data is pretty good as long as you stay within 2 gbs but I have read mixed reviews about Net10's data service so wanted to ask the HoFo community.

Date: Jan 23, 2013   

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