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Can't get LG505c to update

Tracfone/Net10 -
I have a Tracfone LG505C that I want to update with the latest software from LG. I downloaded and installed all the latest drivers and the LG Mobile Support Tool to my laptop (Dell w/Win7 Ultimate). The tool finds my phone via USB cable, says it is connected and there is later software available then activates the "Update" button. It starts the "Update" process, a new window opens. The first step says "Analyzing" then "Checking phone connection". Gets to 25% then says "Problem with phone connection, disconnect USB cable, remove and reinstall battery, attach cable then click Restart button". I do that.

It starts the process over, gets to the same 25% number when checking the phone connection and I get the same error. Tried 2 USB cables and a different USB port but still NG. My laptop does see the phone in "My Computer" and I can see my photos and other stuff on the phone. I did remove the micro SD card as it is part of the instructions. Have repeated this many times with same results.

Current SW Version is LG505TV3

PRL Version is 59322

PRI Version is LG505C_USA_LG_PRI_TracFone_05

Any guidance is appreciated as I am pretty technically challenged about cell phones.
Date: Mar 26, 2013   

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