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Net10 phones saying no service / reliability issues? CDMA BYOP Verizon

Tracfone/Net10 -
We are on the Net10 CDMA BYOP w/ 2 Droid X2's, coming from Verizon post paid. Have been on Net10 about 2 weeks.

Today my wife got to work and had no service. She has always had service there. Both with Verizon and Net10. No issues what so ever. I never lost service throughout the day but we live a good 25 miles away from her work.

Had nothing throughout the day and finally when she looked when she came home she had service (maybe 6 hours later). It just started up randomly, she didn't power cycle the phone.

She got home and told me about it. I *228'd #2 her phone then power cycled it. When I did that she got a couple text messages that were sent yesterday

Since we have the same phone, I *228'd #2 my phone and power cycled it. I never lost service throughout the day. When I restarted my phone, I too had no service at home (have always had service here) but she did. I power cycled my phone again and got service back. Signal strength at home w/ 3G on is roughly -66 to -72 dmb (it varies, but is very similar between phones), so it's good from what I can tell and researched.

What is going on? Is this a common reliability issue? I'm keen on saving money but require reliable phone service. I'm wondering what is going on here.

Is this to be expected with Net10 service? Not once, in my 12 years with Verizon, have I ever had this happen to me. This is concerning.

I don't think it's a phone issue since each phone did it today in different locations.
Date: Aug 27, 2013   

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