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LG - LG 840G Custom Ringtone Volume?

Tracfone/Net10 -
I apologize if this has been addressed, searching didn't help me.

I figured I could create a custom ringtone through iTunes (on a Mac), snipping about 15 seconds, and making sure the file size was under 300, and then send it via bluetooth to my phone. And... it worked! I am even able to select it as a ringtone! I was so proud of myself!

Except... the ringtone ends up being not anywhere near loud enough. I listened to it on my computer, and it was plenty loud, and I increased the volume, just in case.

When I go to sound settings/ringtone/volume, and click "play" it sounds as it should... 7 is quite loud. But when the phone rings, I can barely hear it - it really is like "1" for the default ringtones, and when I have it set to "increasing ring" it goes from the equivalent of about 1 to 2.

I know I did something wrong, but I can't figure out what. Any ideas? Would using one of the "make a ringtone" sites make a difference?

Thank you!

(PS - If it makes a difference, it is an mp3, it isn't DRM protected (it is a snippet of a song from a friend), the bitrate is 128, the size is 269kb.)
Date: Sep 2, 2013    Labels: LG

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