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Net10 AT&T tethering question?

Tracfone/Net10 -
Anyone on Net10 AT&T BYOD program have any issue tethering to their xbox? I know it is against ToS before it is mentioned, but I was wondering if anyone had at least been able to completely sign into Live with it. The issue I am running into is that I am always getting a mtu error, even though my mtu is 1418 (tested by doing the command line ping tests to determine fragmented packets). I also have 4-5 bars HSPA+ as well, averaging 4-6mbps down/512kb-2mb up, 130-220 ping. Does Net10/AT&T restrict usage for connecting to Live? I have already tried to tether to my computer which works fine. I am in a rural area where AT&T coverage is great, Verizon is subpar (1 bar of LTE extended), but I have no other options other than a Wireless ISP (with terrible speeds, but unlimited Sprint).

I am using a Droid Razr M(xt907) GSM fixed. Calling, sms/mms, and H/H+ data works fine, just wondering if Live is restricted or if it is an issue at the phone level. Btw, I was able to sign into Playstation Network just fine w/ NAT type 2.

Date: Sep 10, 2013   

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