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Tracfone removed my facebook post about a new Tracfone on HSN Sept 15 Today's Deal

Tracfone/Net10 -
Today I posted on facebook on Tracfone's page that a brand new Tracfone phone would be making its debut as Today's Deal on HSN on Sept 15. That's all I said, start to finish. Tracfone removed it within 15 minutes.

Also, this is a post from another forum. The poster received an email from HSN's Tracfone expert Melissa Dawson, and then he posted this:

"Finally, found out from HSN what the Today's Special was for 9/15. It is a Samsung tablet for $179 not a phone. What that has to do with Tracfone I have no idea. So I guess they were listed as 2 different things. I am sorry for the confusion, however, presenter Melissa Dawson said they will have a world launch of a Tracfone phone."
Date: Sep 14, 2013   

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