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LG - LG 840G - Emal App Loads Old Emails and not New Ones.

Tracfone/Net10 -
Hi, this is a question about the LG 840G specifically. It is with Tracfone service, so I hope this is the correct forum.

Anyway, I can't get the email app to function correctly. It used to work fine, no problems at all. I use Gmail. A couple months ago I changed the password on my gmail account. I updated my new password on the phone's email app, but it would no longer connect. It just kept giving me an error message. So I tried deleting the account and adding a new one. Still wouldn't connect.

This whole time I have used the IMAP setting on the phone. So I tried changing to the POP setting, and now it will connect. But the emails it loads are from 2010. It won't update my inbox to it's current status. Very strange. And if I change to the IMAP connection, it won't connect at all. What should I do?
Date: Oct 1, 2013    Labels: LG

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