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Net10 has ported another # to my account and LOST my number!

Tracfone/Net10 -
Net10 has incorrectly ported someone else's phone number to my account. In doing so, they have "DEACTIVED" my number and now tell me that they can not get it back.

I've had my number for many years now, people call me on that number for my business. I've spent 4 hours on the phone with customer service, talking with multiple reps, who all tell me "They can't get my number back". I've asked for their manager, or someone that can help me, and no one has been helpful or provided me with another department/name/person/ANYONE who can get my number back.

This is very frustrating, and will be filling a complaint with BBB, FCC, Attorney General, etc. if this is not fixed soon!!!

Does anyone have any advice?? Please help!!!
Date: Oct 11, 2013   

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