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Need help sending a picture with a text message/ZTE Valet

Tracfone/Net10 -
Just got the new ZTE Valet from Tracfone. So far, it has been really easy to set up and use. Tracfone switched my phone number, minutes and service days easily from my old phone.

The one thing I am having an issue with is attaching a photo to a text message. The message will let me attach the picture, but will then just try to send for a couple of minutes...finally giving me an error. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

By the way, got this phone from shopcelldeals on ebay with the 200 minute card. The price was $99. Combined with their coupon for $5 off/$100 purchase, I was able to get another triple minute phone (LG505c) for my daughter for $5. Can't be happier with my purchase from them.

Thanks so much!
Date: Oct 20, 2013   

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