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ZTE Valet can't download picture texts anymore, please help

Tracfone/Net10 -
Wondering if anyone has experienced this problem before and can help. We bought and activated a Tracfone ZTE Valet in December 2013, when we ported our number over everything worked great at first, both texts and picture texts were being received A-okay, but now for some reason even though regular texts still seem to be coming through, the problem is texts of photos keep giving me "Message Could Not Download" type messages. At least three different people have tried to text me pics over the last few days, all have been unsuccessful.

Not sure if this problem is fixable or not, but it's too late for us to try and return the phone at this point, and we can't really justify paying for another phone. So obviously we would really appreciate any help with this problem. Thanks
Date: Jan 13, 2014   

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