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LG - Wi-Fi calling fails on my antique Gold Rewards device, an LG Optimus T

T-Mobile prepaid -
I have a modern phone on Google Project Fi, and then on my legacy gold rewards plan I have an LG Optimus T. That device is also called an LG-P509 . The android version is 2.2.2 . One excuse for keeping the legacy PAYGO plan has been that it it did work on T-Mobile's proprietary Wi-Fi calling. My own home has a strong T-mo GSM signal, but I visit one area where the wi-fi calling is needed and always worked.

Now I get various error messages when I try to enable wi-fi calling. There is a "Not Registered" warning. "You are currently not registered with the T-Mobile network. Would you like to register ... ?"

I tap the button to register, then various activity messages display, ending with an error: "W005.1 ISP Error Retry." I think at times the exact error message is different. I'm not listing all progress and error messages.

Wi-fi does work. Using the wifi connection, YouTube shows videos with today's date.

Has T-mobile updated something, such that my old version of Android and wi-fi calling don't work? To re-enable wi-fi calling, would it be best to get a newer phone? I need to buy the phone from T-Mo in order to have the wi-fi calling, does that sound right?

Any newer phone will probably call for a smaller SIM. Is it normal and easy to get a new sim under legacy Gold Rewards? After a time I'd want to get the phone unlocked; I've done that the old way in which they emailed me a code.

Any ideas will be appreciated.
Date: Sep 26, 2017    Labels: LG


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