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Android Easy Backtrack 5 and Ubuntu install

Android -
So, I downloaded backtrack for android and had a lot of issues trying to get it to work on the Samsung Galaxy S3 (l710).

I compiled a img of Backtrack 5 for android. Made easy for installing and setup for a android device.

BT5 Torrent Zip:

Allinone torrent Download (torrent):


Includes (zip):


Backtrack IMG (ALREADY HAS msfupdate UPDATED)

Config files

Android Vnc Viewer APP

Terminal Emulator APP

Busybox app

Complete Linux Installer

Now, I'm making it easy to just unzip, copy and run.

No rar files

No special unzipping software. Unless you use a basic file manager.

What you need:

*Rooted Galaxy S3

*The torrent file above (BT5 Torrent Zip)

*Loop Device

(I would use a CM10 Kernel, I used Liquid Smooth mr1 rom. *Which I will add a link below for liquid. So mostly anything CM10)


Quick install guide:


Gain root:

Download my ALLinone torrent:

Allinone torrent Download (torrent): ALLinone torrent Download HERE

*Unzip and install

*Samsung galaxy s3 toolkit

*Install drivers

*Turn on debug and unknown sources in settings

*Run the toolkit and follow what it tells your and gain root.

*Don't forget to install recovery.

(Not gonna go into much detail about it...)


Liquid Smooth (l710 only):



* Place both zip file on your rooted s3 sdcard.

* Wipe all and install liquid then gapps.

* Reboot

(Not going into detail anymore then that.)

If you have root and a CM10 rom, just skip the steps above.


Installing and running BACKTRACK 5 for Galaxy S3:


1) Download the torrent above.

2) Unzip BT5 Torrent Zip.

3) Place the BT5 folder on the root of your extsdcard.

(Could not get it to work on the internal SDcard.)

4)Place on sdcard and Install:

* VNC Viewer (To view BACKTRACK)

* Terminal Emulator (To Start Backtrack)

* Busybox installer (Just needed)

* Complete Linux Installer (To auto type the commands in Terminal Emulator)

5) Once you have everything installed, copied, rooted, and flashed, you should be ready for the next steps.

6) Open VNC Viewer (androidVNC) and fill in the following info:

* Nickname: root

* Password: backtrac (not backtrack or toor or toortoor)

* Address: localhost

* Port: 5900

* Username: LEAVE BLANK

* Color Format: 24-bit color (4 bpp)

* Check Local Mouse Pointer

* Force full-screen bitmap: auto

7) Now that's all set up, hit home and open Complete Linux installer.

Click Launch on the side bar.

9) Change Ubuntu to Backtrack.

10) Click setting, and edit.

11) Find your Backtrack img and click save changes.

12) Go back and click Start Linux. (Terminal will open)

Should look like this

(You may have to input the resolution. which you just type 1280x720 then enter):

13)Finally if everything is setup right. Just click home leaving Terminal open, RUN VNC Viewer. Just click connect.



NOTE: If you want internet, just make sure you are connected before you run Complete Linux Installer.

So recap....

If you have root, and a CM10 kernel or loop.

Just skip down to (((Installing and running BACKTRACK 5 for Galaxy S3)))

To run each time just:

Open Linux installer and Launch it.

Open Vnc viewer and connect.

Enjoy. (This should work with other devices)

To gain root:

Open Terminal in backtrack.


sudo su (enter)

password: backtrac (enter) Now your in root. You need to have this to install anything like aircrack or run aircrack.

I will be posting up a new copy of the Backtrack 5 IMG when I can with new tools and updates.


Ubuntu setup:

Same basics as backtrack

1) Download and unzip

2) Copy Ubuntu folder to extsdcard

3) Open linux installer and find and start ubuntu

4) vnc veiwer:

* Nickname: (blank)

* Password: ubuntu

* Address: localhost

* Port: 5900

* Username: LEAVE BLANK

* Color Format: 24-bit color (4 bpp)

* Check Local Mouse Pointer

* Force full-screen bitmap: auto

Connect and done.

Ubuntu android pack here:

Date: Mar 3, 2013   


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