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Split SMS messages out of order

Koodo Mobile -
With WIND Mobile (on a Nexus S) I had a problem where if I send a long SMS (160+ chars), it would split into multiple parts (160 chars or less each) and some of the parts would go missing or get delayed. Which irritated some people. lol. With Koodo on a HTC Desire HD, one of the people I text with mentioned the exact same thing (she's with Bell. Same network as TELUS). So I installed Handcent SMS and clicked the split option so that it would auto-split long text messages in 160 or less char chunks. Well I've been doing that and now shes saying that my texts are out of order. Grrrr.. So now looks like I have to split long text messages MANUALLY in 160 char chunks to make sure that they get everything in order.

Koodo uses TELUS so it can't be a Koodo problem right? Is this a TELUS or BELLUS problem? You'd think there wouldn't be problems like this sending a text from TELUS to Bell. It's the same network. Grr..
Date: Jan 6, 2013   

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