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Rogers Second Voice Line Service (SVLS): Upgrades needed!

Rogers Wireless -
Anyone else besides myself using this service? I've had it for a few years, and while it does have some advantages, it also has it's flaws. Hopefully someone from Rogers Communications Inc. will listen.

For such a great feature for a carrier, especially in today's BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) world, it sure is hard to find any mention on it on Rogers' site, other than the FAQ section. Anyways, I'm on the $0 Second Voice Line plan. Any incoming minutes, or outgoing minutes, are charged at .20c/minute. Not a great deal, but excellent for those who wouldn't make many calls on their second number. I like the fact that if I have a wireless bundle on the main line, it extends to the Second Line at no charge (e.g. Call Display, Name Display, Voicemail)

But there is one problem: SMS. When I receive a message, I have no idea as to which number it was sent to! This makes it difficult to separate work/personal messages. Not only that, if I reply to the message, my main line number shows up to the recipient! So for example: I receive a message from 555-555-2222 and it's sent to my Second Voice Line number. In this case, we'll say it 555-555-9999, and the main line number being 555-555-8888. When I reply, the 555-555-8888 number shows up. This is extremely frustrating to someone like me, who doesn't want the main line number to be given out!

I did some research, and found one carrier that has a setup which would definitely work.

When I receive a call or a text message, the "66" will appear before the number, indicating my Second Voice Line. When making a phone call, or sending a text message, I would put "66" in front of the number, and that will be the number that shows up on the recipient's end. In the above example, I would reply back as normal to 555-555-2222, they'll receive the message from my Second Voice Line (as I'm replying back to 66555-555-2222.) Also, with Ufone's service, you can even disable the Second Voice Line, which is great for after hours, where one wouldn't want business related calls.

Hopefully Rogers can fix this. It'll only be a matter of time before Bell/Telus offer such a service.
Date: Feb 12, 2013   

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