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Transferred at Costco

T-Mobile -
Today I transferred 6 lines from Verizon to TMobile. (4 SmartPhones and 2 tablets.)

Got a great deal doing it through Costco. $25 per line SIM charge waived. ($150 saved)

I would have been happy with that but any hesitation I had in making the switch vanished when I learned that I will also receive $50 in rebates for each line in the form of Costco gift cards. I easily spend more than $300 per month at Costco. This was for BYOD. Except for one of the phones, all devices were purchased from Apple unlocked. (That one phone was purchased full price from Verizon.)

The rest of the story: I had AT&T for several years before switching to Verizon two months ago. I did the analysis when the need unlimited plans came out a few months ago and finally decided to switch. It was a toss up between TMO and Verizon and I chose unwisely. Verizon just didn't seem to get as good coverage as AT&T and the final straw was when I decided to ask my family members if they had also experienced a decrease in battery life that I experienced on my phone since switching to Verizon. When I found out that both my Brother and my Mom were experiencing the same thing but didn't want to mention it because they thought it was just them, Verizon was as good as gone. (Yesterday, by 2:30 pm, my phone was at 28% - and I had barely used it all day! I charge every night. Before Verizon, seldom was my phone below 50%, even when I used it a lot.). Wish I had gone straight to TMobile to start.
Date: Aug 13, 2017   


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