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T-Mobile coverage throughout Long Island, NY?

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So I'm currently on Verizon and have an iPhone 5 and have been pretty disappointed with the congestion on the LTE network and falling back to Verizons painfully slow 3G is just ridiculous. I had a poor experience on T-Mobile back in 2011-2012 before the T-Mobile network had support for iPhones and an LTE network and the awesome global roaming capabilities and all that. From what I can tell the network seems much, much better now.

Thinking of buying an iPhone 5S on T-Mobile in January when my contract is up with Verizon. Was wondering what coverage is like throughout Long Island, NY and New York City I can deal with anything that's 3G and up as long as it's consistent throughout most places.

Verizon has been having a lot of trouble in NYC keeping up with LTE demand and as a result the network is super slow and unusable in a lot of places.

I didn't want to rely on the T-Mobile website for coverage details. Basically I want to know :

1. Does T-Mobile have coverage on LTE throughout Long Island? (I know Nassau county is covered, but what about Suffolk county?)

2. Is the connection stable enough throughout LI and NYC for me to switch from Verizon and not regret it?

3. How is the coverage in NYC subways that have T-Mobile service implemented? Is the service actually stable?

Anybody who can help me make a decision would be of great help. Thanks in advance.
Date: Dec 12, 2013   

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