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Apple - Sprint iPhone 5 Stuck on 1x for data -- any suggestions?

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My brother recently upgraded his two lines to SERO premium and two iPhone 5's. His phone works fine, and displays 3G (and gets reasonable download performance). His wife's phone works fine for voice. It constantly displays the little "o" instead of 3G, even when in the city where 3G is present. Speedtest confirms her phone's abysmal speed, but even trying to open a modern web page using 1x data is nothing short of painful.

They were in town visiting me yesterday so I used my WiFi connection to update her phone to iOS 6.0.2 and then dialed ##UPDATE#. The phone said beginning software update, then a couple minutes later said it was complete. I also tried a network reset.

After all of this, as soon as I turn off WiFi, I see the familiar little "o" indicating 1x data connection. They are both relatively novice but she really doesn't use her phone much (and frankly neither would I if I was stuck in 1x all of the time).

They took the phone to a sprint store for assistance (at my urging). The Sprint store told her the "o" is normal, and has no bearing on the speed of her connection. My own tests confirm that her phone is abysmally slow, and continuously so, even in places where I have several Sprint iPhones together all showing 3G and getting good download.

So from what I've said here so far, it would be helpful to me if someone knows if this sounds like an account provisioning problem, or defective iPhone.

Thanks for any input,


PS: Back when I helped my brother get his two SERO lines, the plan either included "Vision" 1x data or "Power Vision" 3G EVDO data. The phones he chose could do 3G ( Samsung A900's ). Anyway, he was always on 3G capable phones.
Date: Jan 21, 2013    Labels: Apple

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